The Wolf King, Part 2

So, the Wolf King’s base has been decorated. Now it’s time for the body. Again, I starting with an “Assault on Black Reach” Terminator, although I scraped off all the Space Marine insignia… including the aquila on the chest. Oops.

Terminator Body
Well, at least it's clean!

Now I have to pose this body so that the Wolf King can triumphantly grind his boots into his Black Legion foe. To do that, I cut straight through at the hip joint.

Leg Cut
Cutting at the right place, at the right angle, is essential to making the pose look good.

I spent a lot of time with the leg, posing it and making sure it would look right. The most important part is to make the lower leg straight – the leg should be completely vertical from the knee down to the foot. To make it work, I cut out a diagonal piece from behind the knee, then pushed the lower leg back on that cut and glued it in place.

The leg is posed. (You can also see I'm about to fill a mold of that Chaos power fist to further decorate the base.)

The next issue was the head – I wanted him to look pretty unique, so the regular Space Wolves heads were right out (they’re cool, but I can easily pick them out of a lineup). I remembered I wasn’t going to use my Marneus Calgar head (in fact, I’m using a Space Wolves head in his body to make my Space Marine Chapter Master), so I pulled that out and glued it in place (with the plan that I’d Green Stuff a beard and more hair).

Head in Place
The head is out of focus. Oops. Trust me, better pictures come later when I realize manual focus is far better for macro shots on my wife's DSLR.

I also added the molded power fist to the base, which came out very nicely.

Decorated Base
The Chaos Lord's power fist arm lays splayed from his body. Pretty cool, if I do say so myself.
Triumphant Pose
A reverse angle on the Wolf King's fallen enemy - this angle makes it hard to make out, but the Chaos Lord
Another Angle
Another angle on the base decoration

In part 3, the Wolf King gets arms! Stay tuned!

The Wolf King, Part 1

“Chuck, you’re showing us a new project? What about all the old projects?!”

Don’t worry – they’re still on the shelf! It’s cold and I don’t have a great place for priming right now, so some of the things waiting for painting are… still waiting. In the mean time, I’ve started working on a Wolf King to lead my wannabe Space Wolves Chapter (which I was calling “The Grey Wolves,” until I realized it confuses them with my Grey Knights for friends I’m trying to introduce to 40k… so uh… they need a new name.)

I’m going to give an absolute step-by-step on creating “Magnus Sorensen,” the Wolf King. He’s a nice Frankenstein monster of a mini, but he came out much as I hoped, so I’m very excited. Let’s get started!

First, I began with a Terminator from Assault on Black Reach. The body had been filed and cleaned of its Imperial symbols because I was going to use it for Chaos… but then I didn’t. So, the body is a bit barren.

Terminator Body
The basic Terminator body...

But y’know… let’s take a step back. I want this guy to be pretty epic, right? In fact, the “Grey Wolves” have a history with the Black Legion – they hate them. So let’s decorate Magnus Sorensen’s base appropriately. How about the corpse of a fallen Black Legion Chaos Lord? That would be badass… I just happen to have a Chaos Lord handy…

Chaos Lord
A Chaos Lord in Terminator armor, plus a Chaos power fist...

Now, I don’t want to scrap my lovely Chaos Lord, but… if I could somehow make a mold of the front of his body, that’d be perfect for decorating the base, right? It just so happens I have some of this stuff called Instant Mold…

Instant Mold!
The Chaos Lord is covered in some kinda goo.

Instant Mold is pretty cool. It needs its own post, really. Basically, you heat it up in very hot (nearly boiling) water and it becomes very, very soft. You press the mold over the piece, you wait for it to cool, and then you pull it off. (The Chaos power fist pictured above will be used in another mold, as you’ll see later.)

Chaos Mold!
Chaos Mold!

Now, we mix some Green Stuff and put it in the mold. I’m not making a big 3D piece, so I fill the mold with Green Stuff and made the back side flat. That way, it will lay nicely on the base.

Death to the Traitor!
Death to the Traitor!

Awesome. Now, I just have to pose the Terminator body to be standing astride the body of the fallen Chaos Lord… but for that, you have to wait for Part 2!