Wolves, Frost, and White Power Armor

I’ve got some Space Wolves that I wanted to make my own – in general, I like to customize all my miniatures and make them “my own” in some way. The Space Wolves have no successor Chapters, so the existing canon wouldn’t allow an offshoot, strictly speaking. Of course, that’s not to say that some Chapter might not end up becoming a reasonable facsimile of the Space Wolves.

I’ve dubbed this chapter the Frost Wolves, because snow and Space Wolves are cool together. And, in tribute to the Luna Wolves of old, I thought a white paint scheme would be awesome.

But I discovered that painting white power armor is kind of a pain in the ass. When I tried it with my Space Wolves Chapter Master (a custom stand-in for Logan Grimnar), it came out not-too-good. I ended up just painting him gray (and he’ll probably stay that way).

Afterwards, I looked around the interwebs and found some tips and hints about painting white power armor, and I took another stab at it:

Space Marine in white power armor
“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

Not too bad. The white paint I have is a little chunky, so if I could smooth it out or get new paint, it might work better. Even so, this is doable. I was hoping to speed-paint these guys, but putting three layers of white on is not conducive to speed, so there you have it.

More Frost Wolves to come!