Daemonic Update

When last we looked at my custom daemon prince, I had redone his head and a few details here and there.

The next step was to bulk up and detail his lower legs. Thanks to some bits from Scibor (who I am now pimping left and right in this blog), I had some nice boot fronts for him. I had to bulk the calves up with Green Stuff, and I had no real plan for how they would look when I started mixing the Green Stuff. I started to put some folds in and just went with what was happening. It is better to have a plan. But here’s how they came out:

It doesn’t look too bad, after some post-curing slicing and dicing. The nice part about Green Stuff is that it’s practically a carving medium after it cures. You could even carve details into it, if you were good at that sort of thing – I’m probably not. So, here’s a shot of the fronts, where I used the Scibor bits.

Again, Scibor is a great sculptor who does great bits. The details on the leg armor are generic enough that it works for a daemon prince just as well as a Space Marine Captain.

Next up were his arms and weapons. I liked the swords at first glance, and I thought I would just keep them. In all the time since I started this project, I decided they didn’t quite have the right look. A jeweler’s saw does the trick – a clean cut without losing a lot of metal.

The arms came out really nicely, and a little Green Stuff will add details, like the top and bottom of his fists. Then, I pinned and glued the arms onto him.

What’s great is that I’ve kept the cleft feet under the bulkier leg armor, and that his left arm will look fine without a weapon in it.

My next step is to find the right combination of bits and whatnots to give him a cool polearm or staff that he’s holding in his right arm, angled down towards his feet (so that it all fits nicely on a 40mm base). Then I add some wings to him and he’s all done!

Daemon Prince, Part 1

Molik Karn
Molik Karn, sans molestation

This blog is not just about my commentary on being a Dungeon Master or Roleplaying or being a huge board game geek. A part of my gaming experience for the last two years has been modeling. I actually have a whole lot of fun modeling, and even if you aren’t a modeler, I think reading about it and seeing pictures is still pretty fun.

My major modeling project at the moment is my daemon prince. If you’re not familiar with daemon princes, they’re warp entities who often lead the Chaos Space Marines into battle. Duh. Now, I am some number of weeks behind on this project, but this is what I’ve done so far, and hopefully I’ll get back to work on it soon.

So, this is what we call a “conversion.” I started with a miniature called Molik Karn, a big cyclops from another game, Hordes. To the right, you can see what Molik Karn is supposed to look like, finished.

Molik was a fun choice to start a daemon prince. Firstly, he’s a pretty tall dude. He’s a little taller than a Chaos Terminator, and he fits on a 30mm base pretty nicely. He’s all spikey, which is a good look for Chaos. His swords are wicked and large. He’s got big mitts, which will easily resemble power armor. His boots are cloven in the front. There are two main problems with him being a daemon prince – the face is all wrong and his ankles are slim (which does not resemble power armor.)

First, I took his face off (like in that movie, Face-off):


I also filed the design off his belly armor as I intended to add my own. In general, I’m going for a look more like an armored warrior and less like a demon-faced monster. First, I added a faceplate:

New Face...

The faceplate is made of fairly thin plasticard. It cut it into small pieces, glued each piece in place then trimmed it with a hobby knife. I filed at his new face to soften the edges of the plasticard. You can see the work I did on the belly armor. It’s basically some green stuff with patterns etched into it and a skull bit glued in the center. The end result is a pattern that looks like an eye with a skull iris.

Now, the head was still not very pretty. By putting a hood over the head, I could cover up the rough top and made the whole look even more mysterious and spooky. Hooray!

This part was fairly annoying. Green Stuff is a great compound, but it can be very difficult to work with. Anyone who’s used it knows it’s sticky as Hell, but always adheres to the thing you don’t want it to. Maybe some time I’ll do a whole post about Green Stuff… once I learn its secrets.

Well, regardless of skill, I did manage to put together a pretty swank hood for him:

And a Hood...
Not Too Bad...

The next step is to make his skinny ankles into thick boots (while keeping the cloven toes.) I’ll also be making extremely intricate designs for the front of his boots… hopefully.

Join us next time for more happy fun times!