Why Victorion Is So Great (for My Daughter)

This blog is usually about gaming, and of late, has been mostly about converting and painting Warhammer 40,000 miniatures. I’ve never posted about another hobby of mine – collecting Transformers. But today, that changes.

Today, I got Victorion, the “fan-built” combiner set. Victorion, their gestalt persona, is female, and all six members of the team, “The Torchbearers,” are female. This is fairly unique for Transformers, which has had few female characters up to this point. I won’t get too much into all the geekery surrounding various characters and continuities – I just want to get into why Victorion is important to me as a Transformers fan, collector, father of a young girl who also loves Transformer, and general human being who believes the gender dichotomy of toys has a negative effect on our society.

Victorion, combined

Here’s why Victorion is so great:

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Happy New Year!

Wow, it’s been a while. Fear not, loyal reader – the work has continued, but I got a little too busy to write about it.

This year, I’ll try to post more about things that aren’t Warhammer 40,000 minis. I mean, I will post a lot about minis, but there are supposed to be other gaming posts here, so I guess I should write those posts, too.

Also, stay tuned for The Year of Painting Too, which is my continuing series in trying to get myself to paint more.

Behind as Usual!

As usual, I’ve fallen behind – minis are unpainted, D&D concepts are unwritten and untested, and, in general, Save vs Blog has been suffering. But I am endeavoring to catch up!

First, I have the concept for a D&D world I’d love to develop, planting all the information in a wiki so everyone can use it. The basic idea is “fantasy zombie apocalypse.” The world would have a plethora of mindless undead and a general feel of survival horror. The apocalypse would be recent, so we’re talking about a high fantasy world that has been utterly wrecked, but the wrecking started just 30 years ago. The population is perhaps 10% of what it was. This is a flourishing world reduced to rubble. As the PCs roam from town to town, they may find that old thriving capital city has had all of its citizens turned to zombies and skeletons. “Ruins” no longer need to be ancient, but rather could be quite recent. Anyway, I have some ideas in this vein, so I hope to name the world and start posting them here soon.

Second, as always, lots of painting and modeling to do.

Third is Minecraft. I’ve been running a Minecraft server for a few weeks, and this blog is an easy way to show folks what I’ve been doing, why the game is fun, and update users of the server as to what’s going on on the server itself. I have a possible long-term project of a Minecraft mod to basically make a Minecraft server into an RPG playing surface, especially for D&D. I have to check if my java skills are up to snuff on that one.

So, hopefully, more updates with possibly less entertainment value. What did you expect – Liberace?

OMG User Overload!

Script kiddies have decided to make a couple hundred user accounts on Save Vs. Blog. This annoys me. I having added captcha to registration and I’m deleting user accounts. If I delete your user account, I’m sorry! I think I can pick out the real from the fake, though.

Just don’t take it personally if I make a mistake.

On Competitiveness

Since this is a gaming blog, I thought I would talk a little bit about competitiveness and how it strikes a weird chord with me.

I don’t feel competitive most of the time, but when I do feel competitive, it annoys me and I become a bad loser. So I mostly don’t play competitive games. I like cooperative games, and never do I feel bad when losing if I’m losing with a team. So Arkham Horror and Castle Ravenloft are my favorite board games, and I love PvE World of Warcraft and I love team PvP World of Warcraft (if the team is my friends).

I don’t like playing Dungeons & Dragons as much if I feel like it’s “Us versus the Adventure” instead of “The players and the DM crafting a story,” although a tough Dungeon Master is often better than a pushover Dungeon Master. I prefer competitive games that evoke the idea of a story or fiction, or games where I can feel like a story is being told. Obviously, chess and poker don’t interest me very much.

Further, I don’t really want to play Magic or Warhammer 40k or Warmachine/Hordes against someone who’s crafted a deck or army to win games rather than a deck or army that is themed. Back when the Mechwarrior Clix game was… still existent… I used to play tournaments on weekends, and my armies were always based around the given theme for that week. I usually played against people whose armies only thinly followed the theme for that week – people who followed the theme just enough to be legal. That annoyed me.

I would rather both my opponent and I have well-crafted miniatures who we’ve named, who have little stories and fun customizations to suit the personalities we’ve made up, or who follow some comical or dramatic theme. Even if the armies aren’t well-crafted or storied, if we tell a story as we play the game, making up personalities and proclivities as we go along, giving little descriptions to go along with our die rolls, I’m much happier. Perhaps, in a way, I am just playing with Barbie dolls when I play miniatures, but my Barbie dolls have plasma cannons and they are blast weapons. Ken’s hair could not survive that.

In all of this, Magic: the Gathering deserves a lot of credit. Magic is actually set up mostly to win by playing themes. Your cards will have complementary abilities if you choose, for instance, a vampire deck or a rat deck or a goblin deck. Thus, I can easily be competitive (in the sense that my decks can win games) by indulging my urge to tell a story or set a scene with my choice of cards.

It’s important for me to talk about this, I realized, because I build my miniatures and play my games with this always at the forefront of my mind. If you read this blog, then you are going to come face to face with the fact that I’d rather have a sweet tank with poor stats than a powerhouse unit with boring models. Now, if I can achieve the best of both worlds through the art of conversion, more power to me.

More to come!

New Look, New Life

Welcome to the NEW Save vs. Blog. Yeah, it’s WordPress. I stubbornly refused to use any non-Chuck-produced blog code for years. But I don’t have the time or energy to fully develop a blog codebase. Oh well.

Now the posts can flow! The topics will mostly be D&D, board games, World of Warcraft and Warhammer 40k. A lot will focus on Dungeon Mastering, because I do that every week and it’s fun to talk about, but MMO raiding, modelling and all other manners of gaming will be discussed.

Hooray! Stay tuned!