Belisarius Cawl, All Painted Up

Hey fans! As we start into “Year of Painting 3” (because every year is a year of painting), I’m glad to say I’ve made a lot of progress (although not a lot of blogging). Last month, Games Workshop released what has become my favorite miniature of all time,¬†Belisarius Cawl, Archmagos of the Cult Mechanicus.

The model is amazing, and everything I love about the Adeptus Mechanicus. He’s got loads of arms and whatnots, including an arm that just holds a walking cane. I painted him in three parts – the first was from his waist down (his robes and legs, not glued to his base to make it easier to get to his robot legs), the second was his torso and most of his arms, and the third was the right arm holding his power axe. I don’t usually go too far on sub-assemblies, but this was something near necessary.

Enough talk, let’s check out the photos!

Cawl, side view
Blessed by the Omnissiah

Cawl, side view close-up
A close-up of the good stuff
Cawl, front view
“Greetings from the Red Planet!”
Cawl, front view close-up
Eight arms, plus a belly tentacle!
Cawl, right side view
A plethora of wires and doodads, each one carefully painted!
Cawl, right rear view
I don’t know exactly how many legs are under there, but I’d wager “more than enough.”
Cawl, left rear view
Why is there a book lying in the middle of red dirt? And why is he stepping on it?

There you have it Рthe devoted and heroic Belisarius Cawl, who (SPOILERS) resurrects Roboute Guilliman and gives him a powerful suit of armor, and without whom the Imperium would be in very dire straits. Belisarius Cawl for Emperor!

Coming soon…¬†Roboute Guilliman decked out in Cawl’s fancy new armor!

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