Painting Unassailable

The third in my eventually-five-part series on the Imperial Knights of House Basilius is the Knight Warden Unassailable, piloted by the noble Duke Balthezar. The good duke is the Kingsward, sworn to protect the King of House Basilius at all costs. A veteran of countless conflicts, Duke Balthezar has adorned Unassailable with numerous icons and sigils.

As per usual, we start with the base colors, which gives us a pretty awkward-looking model. In this case, all the white is extremely off-putting in the early stages.

Imperial Knight Unassailable, base colors
These pictures go so very far to prove the importance of a good wash.

I wanted Unassailable to look very noble and regal. I chose the red stripe heraldry to bring a little bit of that regal look to the model. The white armor plates help this look, and I love the aquilla flanking his lower legplates. The red stripe on his chainsword furthers the theme. The faceplate also gives the Knight the look of a wizened elder.

Unassailable, front view
Who doesn’t love a good gatling cannon?

The unicorn sigil was done by taking the House Terryn horse and painting over the parts I didn’t want (the chain and the mane), then painting over it with a new mane and the horn. I’m really happy with how it came out, and using decals as the base for freehanding turns out to be a really great way to do icons.

Unassailable, left side
I’m not 100% sure I love the way I mirrored the stripes, but they look pretty nice, so I shouldn’t whine.

The swords on the left shoulder are decals cut from an Eldar transfer sheet, with a little bit of extra painting to clean up the edges.

Unassailable, right side
So much dakka!

The legs were also reposed by cutting them at the knee with a jeweler’s saw. By carefully cutting circularly around the knee joint, you can repose the leg. The feet, however, pose a problem. There are hydraulic bits meant to match very specifically to the foot of each leg, but a little greenstuff rolled into a cylinder filled the gaps. Plastic tubes would work, too.

That’s all three of the Imperial Knights of House Basilius I’ve finished so far! I have a few more small details I might add, then I’ll be making a few posts about the heraldry.

More coming soon!

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