Painting the Black Queen

Next up in my growing collection of Imperial Knights of House Basilius is the Black Queen, a Knight Gallant piloted by Baroness Lucinda. She is the King’s Gladius, a position like the Master of Judgment found in many other Imperial-aligned Houses.

After priming, the first thing I do is lay down the base colors. In this case, Black Queen got a lot of black alongside the basic blue of House Basilius:

Black Queen - base colors
The Black Queen is suitably black.

Oh, and here are the other bits with their base colors. The right shoulder of Black Queen has the standard white and blue that will be common to all the Knights of House Basilius.

Black Queen with armor pieces, base coated
At this stage, your model should look pretty crappy.

Then, I did all the other parts – airbrushing on a wash, painting up the layers of detail, adding decals, painting over the decals a bit, and highlighting. Then the Black Queen looked like this:

Black Queen finished, front angle
There are so many cool heraldry markings all over this model, and some day I’ll make a post explaining all of them – after all, while finishing her, I came up with a story behind all the heraldry marks. That’s what I do.

I’m very pleased with her black and white “chequy” on the shoulder and the thunderstrike gauntlet.

Black Queen, left side
You can see here that I repose the legs on this model. I didn’t take any pictures of that process, but it involved a jeweler’s saw. I’m glad I did because otherwise all my Knights would have the same leg pose.

The model is all magnetized – the limbs are magnetized at the elbow, the rapid-fire battle cannon and the thermal cannon are further magnetized to their arm mount, and the carapace weapons are all magnetized as well. The arms are fixed at the shoulders, and the limbs are fixed at the elbows – big models might be able to remain “posable” if you don’t glue those bits, but I find that means they’re floppy. So I just glue them and accept it. But the magnets at the elbow allow some flexibility, as the next photo shows because the chainsword is in a different angle:

Black Queen, right side view
I really, really, really, really, really love these models.

That’s the Black Queen, second of three Imperial Knights I have to show. For now. I have two more I’m going to build soon… so that I can play the Exalted Court formation if I want to… because that is totally necessary.

Or, really, because I really, really love the Imperial Knight model.

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