Introducing… the Angels of Condemnation!

I love Terminators. Space Marines in the old “Tactical Dreadnought Armor” just look kickass, in my opinion. I became obsessed with Warhammer 40,000 after playing Dawn of War (prior to that, I was aware of 40k, but uninterested in spending money on it). In Dawn of War, the Terminators were clearly the most deadly, invincible Space Marines ever to enter the battlefield… and they had great quotes! (“The Emperor’s finest reporting!”)

So… the Deathwing are basically an army made entirely of Terminators. What’s not to love? Well, I didn’t love what it would cost to buy that many Terminators… so an army of Terminators became something of a pipedream.

Enter Dark Vengeance, a starter set full of Dark Angels, containing five Terminators. This set flooded the secondary market, such that a person could get 5 Terminators on ebay for $10 (instead of $50 or $60). So I did what any reasonable person would do – bought a ton of them and started cutting them up and customizing them.

I am, of course, dedicated to no two models looking exactly the same (even before they’re painted), so this was a fun pet project to make four poses look like fifty poses. In the end, I also used the Deathwing Terminators box, both for extra bits, and because Deathwing Knights look amazing, so I wanted some of those.

Early on, I was going to simply paint them like my custom Codex Chapter, the Basilicans, and simply have them “count as” Deathwing… but I decided that I like inventing fluff (and the Dark Angels are a cool parent Chapter to have), so instead I invented… The Angels of Condemnation!

Instead of the Deathwing, the 1st Company of the Angels of Condemnation would be called The Undying (the 2nd Company, instead of the Ravenwing, are The Unyielding), a name that goes well with the name for the Dark Angels and their descendant Chapters, “The Unforgiven.”

The final step in their invention was to try out a paint scheme. Rather than the “bone white” (or, as it looks to me, “butter pecan ice cream white”), I wanted to go with a dark theme. Green, being the Dark Angels color, seemed like a good way to go… but instead of the lighter Caliban Green, I went with the very dark Incubi Darkness as the base color for the “Condemnors.” (And the whole Chapter will bear this color, including the 1st and 2nd Companies.)

Here are the test figures, which I’m very pleased with!

Five terminators, test painted.
The lineup of yet-unnamed Angels of Condemnation… but rest assured their names are something like Azrael and Uriel and stuff.
Terminator #1, painted
Assault cannon and cool robes. The red power fist is an element I really like.
Terminator #2, painted
The classic thunder hammer and storm shield!
Terminator #3, painted
Robes are fun. Shoulder decals are hard (you can actually see here that this one is kind of wrinkled).
Terminator #4, painted
Plasma cannon, one of the reasons that Dark Angels Deathwing Terminators are a little more interesting than run-of-the-mill Terminators – blasts of super-hot plasma!
Terminator #4, painted, reverse angle
Another angle on the previous Terminator. Here you can see some of the plasma glow!
Terminator #5, painted
This guy is made of a lot of different pieces, cut up and stuck together. His chest aquila is kinda meh, so I might go back and touch that up, but the shield over his right shoulder came out really well.
Terminator #5, painted, alternate angle
Another angle of the fifth Terminator. The power fist looks very cool from this angle, but as I hinted at, I’m not pleased with the gold bits.

I wish I could easily recall what all the parts were that went into these guys, but they contain pieces from the Dark Vengeance starter set, the Deathwing Terminators box, and the Assault on Black Reach starter set.

Overall, I report success on the paint scheme, and the basing worked out really well, too (it’s just flat corkboard which hopefully looks like torn-up asphalt). I’m excited to have a dark, mysterious Chapter of Space Marines, successors to a dark, mysterious Chapter of Space Marines, doing dark, mysterious things in their dark, mysterious armor with dark, mysterious plasma cannons.

More to come from the Angels of Condemnation!

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