Angels of Condemnation, Part 3

It’s probably boring just to see painted Terminators without any commentary or advice or tutorials or anything. But I am painting up a storm this year, and I want to post about it. Here’s five more of the Angels of Condemnation!

Angel #1, front view
First up, a guy wearing an apron! There’s a lot of guys wearing aprons in this army… in fact, this particular apron… because I made this army by cutting up four of the same single-pose miniatures over and over again!

Angel #1, side view
Side view of the same.
Angel #2, front view
This shot is a little blurry, but that’s supposed to be a metal pipe there on the ground. And another apron.
Angel #2, side view
Side view of the plumber Terminator in an apron
Angel #2, alternate side view
A rare third view of that same plumber Terminator
Angel #3, front view
Desperately seeking a fist bump!
Angel #3, rear view
Fist bump, reverse view
Angel #4, front view
“His hooded head bowed, the mighty Terminator tripped over a broken sidewalk he didn’t see.” Look up, buddy!
Angel #4, alternate view
I will paint that tilting shield at a later date, when I feel like it. But those mold lines? Those will haunt me forever.
Angel #5, front view
“Plasma! When you absolutely, positively, got to kill every mutant traitor in the room; accept no substitutes.”
Angel #5, rear view
“I got 99 problems, but Gets Hot ain’t one.”

So far, that makes 15 of the 20 Angels I’ve painted. Hopefully, by the time I post the next five, I’ll have another 10 painted!

Coming soon – Imperial Knights to dazzle and amaze!

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