Angels of Condemnation, Part 2

I finished more of the Angels of Condemnation, so here are photos of five more!

Angel #1, front view
This guy has some giant bullets at his feet, which I believe came from a Mechwarrior: The Dark Age miniature.

Angel #1, left side
The wing emblem over his left shoulder came out nicely.
Angel #2, front view
This guy is probably the most boring of all these Terminators.
Angel #2, right side
Another view of Mr. Boring.
Angel #3, right side
This guy is slightly less boring because he has a kickass studded power fist.
Angel #3, front view
Yeeeeaaaaah, you know those studs are going to be useful when he’s ripping open the side of a tank.
Angel #4, front view
I like how this guy’s cod piece came out.
Angel #4, left side
Also, the position and pose of his power fist is really great.
Angel #4, front view
RAR! This guy really looks like he’s snapping into a Slim Jim. Or a traitor. Or something.
Angel #5, left side
“OH YEAH!” He’s got a real intensity.

I continue to be very happy with these miniatures. There are a few details missed here and there, and some highlighting gone awry, but considering my experience level, I’m pleased.

Also, on the previous five Angels, I did some tiny lettering on the storm shield of one Angel, who is now officially named “Uriel,” I guess!

Closeup of storm shield with tiny lettering
Wheeee, tiny lettering!

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