Adamantine: The Finishing Touches

When we last left the first Imperial Knight I painted, he was basically finished. But when I started one my second and third Imperial Knights, I realized there were things I wanted to touch up on my first Knight.

I also created his fluff – meet Sir Sardaur of House Basilius, pilot of the Imperial Knight Paladin named Adamantine. Sir Sardaur is the King’s Herald, a position which is given by tradition of the House to an up-and-coming Knight (rather than a Baron) as a sign of the King’s favor. Sir Sardaur’s personal sigil is a sword driven through a heart.

Knight Paladin named Adamantine
Slightly sexier than before.

The touch-ups are pretty small. I was happy with the free-hand sigil I painted on the tilting shield, but I planned to use decals for my other Imperial Knights, and I knew there’d be an obvious mismatch between them. So, I went back to the drawing board. I based his sigil on a Harlequin sigil, so it was easy to start this sigil with that decal. Then, I cut an Eldar sword decal and put it under the Harlequin decal. Then, I simply painted out the parts I didn’t want, creating an outline around the heart potion of the sigil.

On the left leg, you can see the skull in the crenelated circle (or gear, really) – that, I decided, is the symbol for the Herald of House Basilius.

I also re-decaled his left leg and left shoulder. I also painted over the Adeptus Mechanicus skull so that it just looks like a normal skull, then added some wings.

Adamantine, left side
Hot new shoulder!

This guy was mostly done, so this isn’t all that exciting… but… this sets the stage for me to reveal the next two Imperial Knights I have painted – the Black Queen, and Unassailable.

Stay tuned!

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