The Year of Painting: Imperial Knight, Part 4

This was my first time airbrushing a model. It was my first time using “Future Shine” to make a wash. It was my first time painting free-hand symbols on a model (I’ve painted freehand on bigger surfaces before). And everything came out great! This just proves a personal motto of mine, Just do it. It will come out better than you think it will.”

Here’s the (basically) finished model, and this picture really shows how effective the “Future Shine” wash was – all the brown shading is from that wash.

Imperial Knight
Also, I’m not very experienced with decals, and those came out great, too!

I’m really happy with the helmet and freehand symbol.

Imperial Knight head and shoulders
Hey, can you see my bright blue eyes? No? Damn.

The wash worked magic on the shoulders, making them look aged and worn, and giving a real highlight to the highest part of the curve.

Imperial Knight shoulder
These are the shoulder decals that worked.

The next photo shows the decals that I worked onto the uhm… crotch flag. What’s weird is that this picture shows some of the trim as blue when it is clearly gold in person. Camera flash + metallic paint = weird effect.

Imperial Knight legs
Do you see where half of a decal worked and the other half didn’t? I left that half on because it looked cool.

The weapon turned out a little too dark…

Imperial Knight, left shoulder and arm
The smaller decals on the shoulders worked better.

But the rear machinery turned out really good…

Imperial Knight, back
The gold highlights work nicely, in my opinion. Maybe could use more silver/gunmetal parts…

There might be a few more finishing touches before I call it “done” – the base needs some touchup, and I might want to try and paint a name on its nameplate, but this sucker is more than table-ready, it’s table-fabulous.

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