The Year of Painting: Imperial Knight, Part 3

Finally, Part 3!

After I got the blue, white, and black airbrushed on, I did a wash. This was also airbrushed on – a mix of brown paint and Pledge Floor Care (aka the legendary Future Shine). Immediately after I applied the layer of paint and floor shine, I wiped it with an old t-shirt. This allows you to push the paint/Pledge mix into the crevices, giving a nice aging to the model before I applied more paint.

Here are some pics! 

Photo of washed model
Look to the crevices, friends, and see the wash!
Top photo of washed model
A nice shot from above of the wash

Then it was time to finally paint, y’know, like with a brush. I didn’t take too many pictures of that painting in-progress, but I applied paint, decals, and did a freehand sigil on the tilting shield.

Imperial Knight, mostly painted
And suddenly, it’s done! How’d that happen?

I painted the eyes a bright blue, which looks cool, but doesn’t really show under the helmet.

Face of Imperial Knight
Old blue eyes!

On the other hand, the shading and wash really show up on the top plate.

Top plate of Imperial Knight
Look at that brown in the crevices! So nice!

The wash also worked nicely on the shoulders. One thing that was frustrating is the shoulder decals – they’re not shaped for the curves of the shoulder pads, so they bubble and crinkle when they’re applied. I’m lucky they turned out at all. Maybe a little heat would help next time (yes, I intend to do another Imperial Knight), so a hair dryer may be in order.

Shoulder pads of Imperial Knight
Mighty, washed shoulders.

Finally, the faceplate, which came out alright. I think I touched it up more after this photo.

Face plate of Imperial Knight
Again, the wash shows up very nicely.

Next time, Part 4, which will just be a bunch of pictures of the finished Knight!

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