The Year of Painting: Imperial Knight, Part 1

One of the most intimidating figures I have as far as painting goes is the Imperial Knight. But, since it’s The Year of Painting, I decided to jump right at it. I left some pieces off for painting – the top armor, shoulders, and faceplate – but really, I should have left all the armor off – I would have had a much easier time!

I started with a normal coat of gray spray primer (I used the hardware store brands):

Imperial Knight primed
Primed! A good spray booth, and you can use spray primer in the house (well, in the basement). I’ll cover this some time in another post.

I then airbrushed black over the mechanical parts, leaving the armor plates gray:

Imperial Knight, black undercoat
This is just one of the many times I wished I’d left the leg plates off.

I also airbrushed around the edges of the top plate with black. The black accents will form an undertone so that the top coats will be darker around the edges and the engine ports:

Top armor plate
Since airbrush layers are so thin, the undercoat works better than usual!

Then I airbrushed a Vallejo metallic (I think it was gunmetal) over the black, which gave a great metallic look to the robotic parts:

Imperial Knight with metallic silver coat
Ooooo, look at that metal!

I also put a metallic silver coat over the head, which was still gray. This left a brighter metallic look. I was hoping this might show from under the faceplate.

Imperial Knight head, airbrushed silver
The undercoat really shows here – a gray undercoat leaves a very light silver, whereas the black undercoat made the robotic machinery parts look darker and more used.

That’s all for this post! In the next post, I add colors!

Thanks for reading – more to come!

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