The Balmorra Ray!

When last we visited my modified YT-1300 (now dubbed “The Balmorra Ray”) for the X-Wing Miniatures game, I had finished removing the original cockpit and creating a new one. Since then, I cleaned it up, primed it, then cleaned it up some more, then primed it again… and now, finally, I’ve painted it!

First, I did some airbrushing. I gave it a nice bright red accent, then I dulled that color by spraying light gray from a distance, which does a nice job of bringing out the midtones of the color without making it too dark. Here are the pics:

YT-1300, after airbrushing
Bottom view. This looks so neat.
Top of YT-1300, after airbrushing
Top view, also neat.

Then I edged off the splatter of the airbrushed red, did some dark washes and some brown washes, put on some black, and highlighted the bridge area. I also painted in a windshield. Here are the pics!

Finished YT-1300, Top
The finished “Balmorra Ray” (which is the name I gave the ship, because a ship needs a name)!
Finished YT-1300, Bottom
And the bottom, which came out mostly darker. I’m fine with that.
Finished YT-1300, Front
The highlighting is a little brighter than I wanted, but I’m going to leave it be.


Finished YT-1300, side 3/4 view
The glamour shot!

The flash on the camera makes the highlights and shadows more pronounced than natural lighting, so I think it actually looks much better in person than in the photos. I’m very happy with how this turned out, including little details like the clear plastic connector still being clear.

I do need to color in the engine (right now, it’s primer gray), and then I desperately need to put a clear coat on it, because the paint on this rubs off way too easily (and I don’t know why).

Thanks for checking it out! More to come!

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