Grey Knight Librarian Conversion

I have a rule – Grey Knights wear helmets!

Firstly, their helmets look awesome. Second, without helmets, Grey Knights are apparently really goofy-looking hooded guys.

Draigo with no helmet
“My hoodie is on very tight, and there are wires all over it!”

I do like the Space Marine Terminator Librarian┬ámodel (which is the model suggested by the codex as the Grey Knight Librarian as well), but obviously his head is bare… which is not allowed in my Grey Knight army. Plus, he lacks the cool wrist-mounted storm bolter that all Grey Knights get standard issue on Titan, and he needed a little more “Grey Knight” decor to make him fit – why not the decorative besagews that are signature pieces of Grey Knight armor?

You know, the besagew. The piece of armor that protects the arteries inside the armpit. It’s a real thing. Wikipedia knows about it.

Anyway, I set about carving the face off the Terminator Librarian and shaving the back of his forearm to accent the storm bolter. I also had to cut about 80% off the back of the Grey Knight head I used to make it all come together. Here are some close-ups of the finished work…

Grey Knight Librarian, close-up
Here’s a close-up. Can you tell he’s casting Invisibility? It’s true – he’s a douchebag. This picture makes it look like his head is low and protruding, but it looks right from pretty much every other angle.
Grey Knight Librarian, close-up
Here’s a close-up to show the storm bolter. I had to add a spacer (a tiny bit of plasticard) to make it fit properly around his outstretched hand, but I love that hand and I wanted to maintain its effect. Here you can also see the decorative BESAGEW.

Now I need to base him, which will give me a chance to show how I have started making custom base stamps to make matching patterned bases customized to each army! Hooray!

More to come!

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