YT-1300 Conversion for X-Wing

Hey, I’m back! After a long hiatus, I’m hopefully back to posting fairly often about cutting and painting plastic toys… so let’s get back to it.

The X-Wing Miniatures Game is very fun and features very cool Star Wars miniatures. One of those miniatures is the YT-1300 freighter, familiar to most people because the Millennium Falcon happened to be that model of ship. And since someone made a plastic thing, that means I just have to cut it up and personalize it. Actually, the YT-1300 was popular because it was modular and easily customized… so let’s just say I’m exploring the aftermarket options.

So, taking my trusty X-acto, I cut into the model. The resin of the model is incredibly tough – I broke a thin blade, so I went with a thicker (albeit duller) blade. Once I got the point through, pulling back to cut was easier. But I had scored it. If you’re looking for advice to do what I’m doing that’s the best I can offer. Once I got the cockpit and the crew-tunnel looking bit off, this is what I was looking at:

Photo of Millennium Falcon model with hole cut in it.
Major hull breach

I also removed the guns, just so I wouldn’t break them. They pry off fairly easily, but I did break a peg in the process… nothing superglue won’t fix later.

Now, I have some decisions about where the cockpit goes and how it should look. I want the cockpit down the middle of the ship, position forward, but with the windows high enough for a clear view all around (which is better visibility than the standard YT-1300 configuration has!).

I fixed the pieces on with tacky wall putty as I evaluate my options. Here’s my first thought:

Millennium Falcon model cut open, with cockpit fixed back on. Top View.
It’s a pretty good start.
Millennium Falcon model cut open, with cockpit fixed back on. Side View.
Side view


Millennium Falcon model cut open, with cockpit fixed back on. Front View.
Front View
Millennium Falcon model cut open, with cockpit fixed back on. Bottom view.
Bottom view

I like the general feel here, but some of it doesn’t look quite right. I don’t like the gaps between the cockpit and the ship (I feel like a cockpit should be strongly attached to the rest of the ship), and the way the hull meets the cockpit doesn’t look right (the bit on the hull is too small), but a little bit of work and this will be magical.

My plan is to reattach the cockpit, add some extra details to really customize the ship, then re-priming and repainting the whole darn thing! Stay tuned!

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