Space Marine Centurions and Mounting Putty

In my previous video post, How to Not Magnetize, I explored the world of using wall putty instead of magnets.

The Space Marine Centurion kit has long intimidated me. I like to build “What You See Is What You Get” models (meaning that the model itself shows what weapons it is using in a game) not because I play with anyone who requires it… but because it’s kind of a fun challenge sometimes. The Centurion Kit has 3 chest weapon options, 4 arm weapons, and 2 more options for one of those arm weapons. That’s… a lot of permutations.

And the Centurions have very tiny areas where these weapons attach, especially the chest weapons. They are so tiny. So very tiny. Magnets don’t really seem to be an option for the Centurion, not realistically.

But mounting putty? That’s a whole different story.

I built one Centurion, and then started making and sticking weapons on it. Here’re all the various arm weapons (I didn’t swap out the chest weapon, but trust me, they are swappable):

Centurion pictures
Siege drills with meltaguns, siege drills with flamers, lascannons, heavy bolters, graviton gun, and the less popular “no weapons” option

The putty option isn’t perfect. Sometimes, it’s hard to get the right amount. Sometimes, it isn’t enough. But… considering what a mess drilling holes for magnets could be, mounting putty remains a really solid option for building a completely flexible unit without buying a million models, or asking opponents to pretend the lascannons are heavy bolters. Don’t get me wrong – I think people who are strict about that kind of thing are likely assholes, but I do enjoy the challenge, and I really enjoy using all the parts that come in the box.

Once again, mounting putty is your friend!

2 thoughts on “Space Marine Centurions and Mounting Putty”

  1. Excellent idea. I was thinking of doing the same because drilling my models for magnets makes me nervous. I wasn’t sure about the material though. This seems to be working. Is this safe for the plastic? If it stays for a long time will it leave marks or will it be difficult to remove? Any recommended brand? Thanks!

    1. I haven’t run a full battery of tests yet to see how it might affect paint, etc, but I’ll post an update when I do!

      As for brand, mine is so old I don’t even know what it is… but it looks like it could be Duck or Scotch brand.

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