Name My Ghost Marines!

For a while now, I’ve been working on a very specific Space Marine army. My goals were simple…

  1. It was a Blood Angels army.
  2. It had to be super-cheap.
  3. Everyone in the army had to be able to fly.
  4. The army would have a non-standard paint job.

What’s with all the rules?

Well, at first, Rule #4 came from my initial idea that the army would be painted to look like they were made of flame – like fire elementals. Since the painting idea was possibly problematic, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on dudes that might not turn out the way I thought, so that’s how we come to Rule #2. When I decided this would be an army of “ghosts” (or “warp spirits,” to put it in Warhammer 40,000 terms), I thought the Blood Angels, what with having the “angel from nowhere” that is the Sanguinar, would be the right Chapter to start with, thus we come to Rule #1. The Blood Angels can field Assault Marines with jump packs as Troops… so we come to Rule #3! Why not? Ghosts can fly!

So I got cheap Space Marines (Dark Angels from the new Vengeance starter set with the cheapest jump packs I could ebay, plus some Sanguinary Guard and Death Company I got during a Black Friday sale), and slowly started cutting them up and combining them with every random bit I had laying around.

Then I tried the “guy made of fire” paint scheme. It did not work. I tried a couple things, like airbrushing, washing… but it never quite looked right. So, I decided to go with a good, old-fashioned, green-with-white-highlights ghost paint job.

The result, so far, as been pretty good! And here are some paint tests:

Assault Squad Sergeant
Assault Squad Sergeant
Chief Librarian Iannosh (counts as Mephiston)
Chief Librarian Iannosh (counts as Mephiston)
Death Company
Death Company
Chapter Master Divantes (counts as Commander Dante)
Chapter Master Divantes (counts as Commander Dante)

I’m very happy with how these have come out. Obviously, the ghosts are shaded differently – this represents their grouping. So, the Assault Squads are a light teal, the Death Company has a darker blue shade, and the Librarian and Chapter Master each get their own shade, although the Sanguinary Guard will be close to one or the other – I haven’t decided yet.

I have more to put together and paint, but I am now deciding the name of the Chapter. So I’m soliciting comments! Here are my ideas:

  • The Angels of Charon… because, y’know, they’re a Blood Angels offshoot and their homeworld is named Charon. It’s very grimdark.
  • The Revenant Angels… can you smell the grimdark? They’re angels… but also revenants! Vengeful ghosts and also angels!
  • The Sanguine Shades… again, this name is grimdark, but I don’t like it that much. I much prefer the first two.
  • The Revenant Angels, formerly the Angels of Charon… almost too good to be true, but what if the Chapter was once known as the Angels of Charon (again, because their homeworld is/was called Charon), but since their utter destruction at the hand of bad Chaos evils they are called “The Revenant Angels.”

Could the fourth possibility be too good to be true? Maybe. Help me decide!

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