More YT-1300 Conversion (Plus Firespray!)

I took a look at the arrangement of the cockpit after my last post and I decided I didn’t like it. So I went looking for a new idea. Eventually, I came across the freighter flown by the Smuggler class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Here it is:

The Old Republic had Millennium Falcons?
As you can see, the concept artist used the YT-1300 as a base for this ship. I love the bridge section, so I decided to work with that.

I used plasticard to build up the bridge, but not just any plasticard! A friend of mine sent me a box of the Transformers 3D Battle-Card Game long, long ago. The cards are made of plastic, so I took some bits of one of them and glued them onto the YT-1300. This meant I had identical bits without cutting them out freehand. Check it out:

Side View
Side view
More side view
More side view
top view
Top View


Here’s a shot of the YT-1300 with extra bits identical to the ones I used on the model.:

Ship plus bits
YT-1300 with examples of the bits I used to form the new bridge.


I also decided to mod my Firespray model. I added a little dorsal fin (also made from Transformers Battle-Card bits) and some random bits to the front/top… maybe they’re a sensor array or something:

Firespray front view
Firespray with mods (the cockpit is masked with tape so I can repaint the model without losing the cockpit’s glossy black paint job)
Firespray - side view
Firespray – side view


Obviously, I need to do more work on the bridge of the YT-1300, so stay tuned!


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