WIP: Ork Big Mek

I’ve been working on a custom (“kustom”?) ork ‘Big Mek’ leader model. The existing model is pretty cool, but I wanted a beefier-looking mek, not just a little dude. So, I used a ork ‘nob’ body, some bitz from various ork kits, including a nifty head from a stormboy, as well as a bit of guitar string for the cable.┬áSo far, so good… but I feel like he needs a bit more.

Here’re some photos!

Big Mek 1
The Big Mek doesn't carry much in the way of weapons, but that's a fully armed and operation 'kustom force field' on his back!
Big Mek 2
A shot of the kustom force field, with his 'choppa' blade tucked underneath it.
Big Mek 3
This Big Mek is also wearing 'eavy armor, which I detailed using various bits with metal plates and the full-face helmet.

More to come!

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