WIP: Ghetorix Re-pose

Ghetorix is a warpwolf character warbeast (for laypersons, he’s a big, special werewolf with an axe) for my Circle Orboros army. Naturally, I didn’t like the way his wrists looked in his default pose. I say “naturally” because I tend to find flaws in every model that I am then motivated to convert to my own liking.

So, here’s Privateer Press’s photo of Ghetorix:

Notice his left wrist? I don't like its angle. It is goofy.

So… I had to change him. And that meant cutting his axe in half, then sculpting new handle wrapping in Green Stuff, and then pinning him together… and then taking terrible pictures of him because his axe is heavy and he’s not based yet.

Ghetorix 1
Oh man, what a crappy photo of my work. So crappy. Bad angle. He's leaning. What was I thinking taking this photo? What I am thinking posting it here?
Ghetorix 2
This is a much better picture, which shows how badass this axe is, and it shows that my sculpting work isn't too bad.

Next, Ghetorix needs a FABULOUS base, because all special character werewolf types need a FABULOUS base. I just have no idea what that base should be…

Coming soon… some posts with painting, and some things not about minis, but about some other aspect of gaming… hopefully.

3 thoughts on “WIP: Ghetorix Re-pose”

  1. Not to mention, that is a terrible way to wield an axe if you plan on smooshin someone, in the default pose.

    I also like the head re-position.

  2. The head is actually in nearly the same place, but the default pose makes it so close to the axe that it looks like he’s looking down. When I actually base him, I hope his head position looks right…

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