WIP: Ork Cyboar Nobz

Just a few pictures of a work-in-progress – I’m doing a unit of Ork Cyboar Nobz – that is, Nobz on cyborg boars which, of course, count as Nob Bikers, whose cheesy rules are still mighty, even with the changes to wound allocation in 6th Edition. Naturally, one of them will be a Painboy, but he’s not ready yet. Here are pictures of the other four:

Cyboar 1
These pictures are not very good, but these guys are hard to get good pictures of.
Cyboar 2
Yeah, another bad picture.
Cyboar 3
This one looks better!
Cyboar 4
I started to put some plasticard armor on this guy. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

So, those are works-in-progress! Obviously, they are not quite cyborgs yet, but I am going to slap orky bitz on them, including exhaust pipes, shootas, good ol’ scrappy armor, and probably some wires and hoses.

The fifth cyboar rider will be a Painboy (an ork “medic” for the uninitiated), so he’ll need some more customization – mostly a mask, a syringe, and possible a buzzsaw for an arm.

Your comments are appreciated! Well, possibly…

I Painted Another Thing!

Hello, friends! Several updates are incoming, so please accept my apologies for the lack of posts recently. Let’s start with Chaplain DuChamps, a member of my Space Marine chapter, who got all painted up. Somewhere I have WIP photos, but I can’t find them… and I’d rather post than procrastinate (for once)!

So, here’re some shots of him:

Chaplain DuChamps
I am getting better at taking photos!

That picture is dark, but it’s a good angle. Note that the base isn’t finished… but it does have loads of skulls, so there’s that.

Chaplain DuChamps 2
Actually, this might be a better angle.


Chaplain DuChamps 3
And his back!


Chaplain DuChamps 4
And a side angle. Figures with tons of black are hard to take good pictures of...

Hooray for painting! I feel pretty good about the Chaplain. He needs some work on the skull decor, and I want to scrawl some Litanies of Hate on the scroll at his waist, but otherwise he is good to go.

More to come!