Transmogrification: Stormcrow

Before this blog begins to look like a “miniatures only” blog, I had better talk about some other gaming crap. So, let’s talk about World of Warcraft – specifically, the latest re-Transmogrification of my tauren druid, Stormcrow.

In case you don’t know, transmogrification is a feature of World of Warcraft whereby you can transform the appearance of your current gear to another item (of the same armor/weapon type) that you already own. Since this has zero game effect, it is obviously one of the most important things in the game to me. As I’ve stated before, I love the “Barbie Dress-Up” portions of video games, and transmogrification has added that feature to WoW.

Until recently, Stormcrow was wearing the Heroes’ Dreamwalker Battlegear, one of the few druid sets that looks good on a tauren. Here’s a shot of him in that set:

Stormcrow in Heroes' Dreamwalker
It's all about the purples, so why not wear purple?

But still, this gear set says “mysterious druid,” whereas Stormcrow, in my head, is more of a gritty, turns-into-a-bear-and-rips-your-face-off feral druid. So I really needed to find a gear set that suited that attitude.

The first part was easy – an eyepatch. I went with The Eye of Rend, which I already had in my bank. The next most important thing is shoulders, so I went with Spaulders of the Monstrosity, a great item from Naxx that I also had in my bank. The spaulders are spikey, and (as with all shoulders) nice and huge on a tauren.

From there, it was a matter of color-matching. The spaulders are blue, so I needed to match them with similar blues. To accomplish this, the folks at have a visual guide that will show you every piece of gear wearable by a certain class. This is a huge win.

Stormcrow’s new chest and gloves are from the Eviscerator’s Battlegear (which I had to get a Leatherworker to make for me), and Merciless Gladiator’s Dragonhide Legguards (the PvP recolor of Tier 6 druid armor) filled out the leg sot. I didn’t play with the belt because my current belt isn’t a horrible mismatch, and boots don’t show up on tauren with skirts, so all I did to finish was transmog my staff into Origin of Nightmares and I was all done.

The finished look:

Stormcrow the Pirate
...for when you absolutely, positively must look like a pirate in a dress.

You’ll also notice that Stormcrow changed from black hide to light gray hide. I had to do this because my raid leader kept confusing the two black cats in the raid. I only want to get blamed for what I do wrong, so I opted into the gray look. The gray bear is pretty awesome.

So, that’s our first article on Transmogrification – stay tuned to see more. Or stay tuned and try to ignore senseless articles about the clothes my video game characters wear! Or don’t stay tuned, and miss out on all the fun!

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