The Wolf King, Part 7

More Wolf King!

To finish the Wolf King (finally), I gave him a different (better?) axe. Here’s Magnus with his new double-edged axe.

The Wolf King
This axe looks a lot more like Morkai, the axe wielded by Logan Grimnar of the Space Wolves. Since the Wolf King is a stand-in for Grimnar, it makes sense to use this axe.

To cover up the gap in between his hip and right leg, I decided to add another animal pelt to the Wolf King, this time as an “apron” like those often worn by Space Marine commanders. Also, to make the corpse of the Chaos Lord on the base blend better, I added some Green Stuff to make it meet the base at a smooth angle.

Wolf King details
A shot of the Wolf King... probably the last shot before he's primed... probably.

And now, a close-up!

Wolf King Closeup
Ooo, details!

Now, when the Green Stuff cures, just a little cleanup and filing and he should be ready for primer!

When I get around to painting him, I’ll post more… but for now, say farewell to Magnus Sorensen, the Wolf King!

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