The Wolf King, Part 6

The people demand more Wolf King! (Or maybe they don’t.) Here’re a few more progress updates.

First, I added a furry pelt to his right leg. This was really just to give his legs a bit more detail, since most Captains and Chapter Masters have really detailed armor. However, Magnus, the Wolf King, is from a ramshackle Space Marine Chapter whose gear is in poor condition. Rather than a golden god, Magnus is a barbarian lord in the best gear that could be scrounged together for him.

Wolf King Leg
This fur doesn't look too bad...

Additionally, I added a furry pelt to the inside of his right shoulder.

Wolf King Shoulder
Ok, it's a little weird to be wearing a pelt right there, but if you don't think too hard about it, it looks good.

Great, right? Well, then I got the new Space Wolves Thunderwolf Calvary, and there’s a great axe in there which looks closer to the axe that Logan Grimnar uses (and Wolf King Magnus “counts as” Logan Grimnar). So… I took clippers to the wrist…

Wolf King sans Axe
Oopsie. Looks like someone dropped his axe... and his hand.

Since it was a joint I’d previously glued together, the clippers just pushed apart the wrist and forearm – a nice, clean cut!

Next time on Wolf King… the new axe, filling the last few gaps, and the last few touches before priming!

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