The Wolf King, Part 5

Sorry, I got a bit distracted there – back to the Wolf King!

The next step was to add the shoulder armor. These are just boring old Space Wolf Terminator shoulders. I also started to clean up the beard and hair a little with a scalpel. Pro-tip: Scalpels are really sharp. They are so sharp, you will not feel it when it slices your finger open. This makes them excellent tools, and a great way to get scars.

Wolf King!
Wow. There's a lot of damage in the plastic there... a DSLR really accentuates the parts I messed up, doesn't it?

Here’s another shot:

Wolf King!
This is a decent shot of the shoulders, where I filled the gap in the leg, and the defeated Chaos Lord serving as a doormat.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I ended up using the Instant Mold to mold and cast the wolf head from the original Logan Grimnar. I also molded a wolf pelt cloak from one of the Space Wolves Grey Hunters. I took these two parts and glued them to the Wolf King:

Wolf King with Pelts!
This wolf head is a much more suitable size.

Now, we take a blob of Green Stuff, stick it in the gap between the head and cloak, and push in our tool (after dipping it in water!), making smooth lines joining the head and cloak:

Wolf King's Cloak
Wow! It's like they were never separate pieces! That's the power of Green Stuff!

Next time, we’ll take Green Stuff and cover up some gaps and add some enhancements. I will take a moment now to say this – I am totally in love with this guy. I’m almost never this happy with my work, but I don’t have many complaints about the Wolf King so far.

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