The Wolf King, Part 4

So, I wanted to have a nice trophy wolf pelt to drape over the Wolf King’s terminator body. To accomplish this, I decided to Instant Mold the head of a Dungeons & Dragons Dire Wolf miniature.

Wolf Mold
Instant Mold face-hugger!

After cooling, it seemed like this was going to work…

Wolf Mold 2
Wolf miniature with the mold of its head

So, I dutifully filled the mold with Green Stuff…

Green Stuff in the Mold
I mostly focused on filling the outside of the mold. The hollow center could always be fixed later, where needed.

And, after 12 hours of curing, I pulled it from the mold. I then cut holes up near the nose, clipped some curved spikes from some Chaos bit, and inserted the curved spikes (with super glue) as teeth.

Wolf Head
I think this came out pretty well!

Only then did I encounter the real problem – the wolf “pelt” head was way too big for the top of the body. I went for something really impressively sized as a trophy, and unfortunately, it made the Wolf King look awfully disproportionate, and not like the slayer of great beasts I was hoping for. In the end, I molded the wolf pelt head from the original Logan Grimnar model. (I don’t have pics of the molding process, but you’ll see the head in future pictures).

At the same time, I started on a nice beard and hairdo for the Wolf King!

Beard 1!
I start with just a little ball of Green Stuff on the chin...

We start by sticking the Green Stuff in the area we’re working on. Then, we wet our sculpting tools – in this case, just a simple sculpting tool. First, I use the tool’s blunt end to push the Green Stuff up on to the face. I give the Green Stuff a few minutes to get used to being stuck to the face. Then, (after dipping the tool in water again!) I start to drag lines into the green stuff from the face downward. Voila! Beard! I do the same basic thing on top of the head, and…

Beard 2
Not a bad start...

The first stab at the beard came out a big too scraggly. You don’t want a beard to look like tiny hairs, but rather large waves of hair – same with the `do on top.

Beard 3
See! I learned how to focus the camera!

Next time, we add shoulders, take another stab at the beard, and end up with a nice wolf pelt despite our first failed attempt!


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