The Wolf King, Part 3

In Part 3, we give the Wolf King his arms!

Axe arm!
Let me axe you something...

This was a little bit of Frankenstein work. From shoulder to wrist, this is a Terminator arm from the Dark Angels upgrade sprue. I cut the hand (and Stormbolter) off, then stuck on the axe (with hand) from the Space Wolves Terminators box. I did not like the arm that was supposed to go with this axe – I really needed the Wolf King to hold his axe triumphantly, and that arm wasn’t doing it. I pushed the arm out further to his right by putting in a spacer (aka “a tiny piece of plastic trimmed from a sprue”) at the shoulder joint.

This crappy picture kind of shows the spacer in the shoulder... but uh... not well.

For the other arm, I wanted to do something close to the original “Wolf King” – Logan Grimnar of the Space Wolves. Logan has a storm bolter attached to the back of his left wrist. Of course, so do the Grey Knights. So, I grabbed a Grey Knight Terminator arm, storm bolter, and hand, and I glued those on.

Left Arm
The Grey Knight Terminator box is probably the best box of minis in production right now.

To fill in some of the gaps in the right arm due to X-treme Posing™ I pulled out my Green Putty (different from Green Stuff) and started thoughtlessly jamming it in the joint.

Green Putty 1
Green Putty is a pretty good filler which deserves its own post.

And here’s a poor shot of the mini so far. (Like I said, the pictures do get better later as I learn how to better use the DSLR… but for this one, I didn’t quite have it.)

Wolf King, unfinished
Seriously, I will get better with the focus and whatnot.

Next time, we’ll try and put a nifty wolf pelt and wolf head on the Wolf King… and it won’t quite work the first time. Plus, a beard and hair that don’t quite work the first time!

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