Reposing the Woldwarden, Part 3

And now Part 3, the last installment of Reposing the Woldwarden!

In the last part, I explained that the body wouldn’t fit in between the hip plates on the legs, so I had to separate them. With the legs separated further, I could fit the torso piece in there:

Torso Power!
And, of course, the torso was mounted on a big ol' pin, because I am a pinning junkie.
Front View!
Here's a quick front view.

Now my plodding woldwarden is starting to come together. The arms were stuck on pins, of course, and placed into the sockets without much problem at all:

This photo was taken with my iPhone, so it sucks. I think I lowered the left arm a bit after this picture was taken, giving the Woldwarden more of a "in the process of a slam" pose.

So, with the arms on, the last step was the head. Normally, the head fits onĀ perpendicularĀ to the shoulders. This would’ve resulted in a very bad look for my warden, who would’ve been staring at the ground. You could say, “Oh, Chuck, he’s checking to make sure he doesn’t trip over any roots or vines,” but we all know the Woldwarden has Pathfinder.

The solution – a pin! I first drilled a hole in the neck area of the torso. Then, I drilled a hole in the back of the warden’s head. By doing that, I was able to bend the pin once the glue set, putting the head at the precise angle I wanted. With that, my woldwarden looked like he was performing a solid slam maneuver against the enemy:


With that, the pose was done. The woldwarden is ready to go! But the angle at which he was standing wasn’t making me happy. So, using Apoxie Sculpt, I made him a nice rock to stand on, shoring up his overall body angle to be a bit more upright:

The Final Pose
The rock gave him just the angle I was looking for!

And here’s the finished woldwarden from the front! I am extremely pleased with this repose – sure, his arms are swaying in the same direction as his lead foot, but that’s why I think of this as a “slam” pose, rather than a walking or running pose. Maybe he just smashed through some obstacle. Maybe he just knocked a poor `Jack off his feet. Or maybe he’s just striking a sweet pose for the Circle Orboros yearbook. Regardless, the arm and the head are just great.

"Hi there. Looking for some POW 15 fists? Cause I got those."

And with that, the woldwarden repose is finished! Of course, he has to be painted, and I’m still trying to practice and get better at that. But when I do get to painting my fancy guys, I’ll post pictures here!

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