Reposing the Woldwarden, Part 1

It’s inevitable – when you love miniatures as much as I do, you will come across a lot of minis whose pose or look you don’t like. Sometimes, it’s specifically the appearance of a face, or a piece of armor, or a weapon. Somtimes, it’s just the pose.

So let’s talk about the woldwarden.

The woldwarden is a great-looking piece from the folks at Privateer Press for the Hordes game. This is my first Hordes & Warmachine post, but I ‘ve had an army from the Circle Orboros faction – a secretive group of murderous druids, cannibal barbarians, and their various warbeasts – for a few years now. I enjoy the Circle, as I’ve always been a fan of fantasy druids in most any setting, and their collection of wolfmen and natural constructs are appealing.

The woldwarden is a mighty construct made of wood and inscribed stone, towering over the battlefield with their mighty stone fists. Unfortunately, their sculpted pose is really goofy. I present Exhibit A:

Or he might be doing the Charleston. Or he might be one of those gameshow ladies who point their arms toward a product.

I don’t like the pose. First off, obviously, what’s his right arm doing? Is that supposed to be threatening? His footing is another concern – it looks kind of like he’s walking a tight-rope, since his right foot is a little too in-line with his left foot. Another problem with the model (which I don’t correct in my repose) is that the leading arm is the same as the leading foot. But that’s not how bipeds walk – the leading arm is the opposite of the leading foot when walking or running. Now, perhaps he’s meant to be shoulder-checking someone, which would mean he leads with the same shoulder as his leading foot, but… well, anyway, the pose just doesn’t sit well with me.

So recently, I added a woldwarden to my collection in pursuit of “fleshing” out my army with constructs. (Get it? Fleshing? Constructs? See, constructs don’t have flesh, so… y’know… it’s funny.) I knew even before I received my metal monstrosity that I would be reposing it. However, rather than really going crazy and cutting every knee and elbow, I decided to do as few cuts as possible. (If I add a second woldwarden in the future, I promise to go all-out.) Here’s how that started.

First, here’s another angle on the legs as they’re supposed to fit together:

Woldwarden legs
A different angle than the "official" image above, where you can see the legs want to tilt in towards each other.

In this angle, you can see better (I think) why I don’t quite like the leg pose. To make this an easy fix, I’ll just splay out the legs more to give him a, uh… “wide stance.”

woldwarden legs 2
This is attempt #1. Later, I learn I have to separate the legs more. Hooray!

That’s a start! But for the rest of the process, you’ll have to wait for the next installment.

Next Time on Reposing the Woldwarden: Fixing that awful right arm pose, widening the stance a bit more, and visualizing the final pose.

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