Reposing the Ravager

I still have a lot of content to post, but no time to post it in! But, for the sake of keeping up with the blogging if nothing else, here’s a quick post about reposing a metal barbarian.

The upside of certain plastic minis kits, like the Grey Knights for instance, is getting a bunch of arms and legs and putting them together however you like. This used to make for less dynamic models, but most of the newest Games Workshop plastic kits actually produce very dynamic (and detailed) miniatures while allowing lots of different possibilities.

With metal kits, like the Tharn Ravagers, you get very detailed miniatures but limited possibilities. With the Tharn Ravagers, there are actually only three poses. So, when buying a box of 4, you get two with the same pose.

I kinda hate that.

In response to the hate, I put effort into trying to make each figure unique. Previous to the existence of this blog, I fiddled with my Tharn Bloodtrackers enough to make the unit look pretty heterogeneous, but that was a bit easier than the beefy Tharn Ravagers will be.

I assembled three of the four as normal, but the fourth got some heavy modification. First, I used a pair of pliers and a pair of clippers to bend out the arms. But let me give you some tips on how I did this. First, check out the tools:

A Leatherman Skeletool and a cheap pair of clippers.

These tools both have large open areas. When bending a metal mini, the last thing you want to do is clamp down on the detail areas – it will irrevocably mar the miniature. Instead, I settled the lower and upper arms into the open areas in each tool, behind the cutting/gripping tips. This wasn’t easy, but it let me bend the model’s arm without ruining the detail. Here are the results (click for larger versions):

Original pose is on the left, repose is on the right.
Here you can see where I clipped the left arm to actually separate the upper and lower arm so it could be bent. I'll probably have to clean this up with some green stuff.
Another angle!

The modified Ravager is headless, but I intend to give him some unique Green Stuff addons to further distinguish the two, possibly including a headdress or hood.

The metal is basically at the breaking point, so I’m going to beef up the arms with decorative elements that will serve to strengthen the arms at the elbows and shoulders. I have a lot of fun trying to use Green Stuff to reinforce the model while making it look cooler. We’ll see if I can work that in this case.

More to come!

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