I Painted Something!

Whoa, sorry about that hiatus there. I had to deal with, y’know, the real world… but we’re back! And guess what – I painted something!

If you’ve been reading Save vs. Blog, then you know I avoid painting for no good reason. Earlier this year, I started to really push myself to paint, and I’ve been pleased with the results. Well, while I haven’t blogged about it, I’ve still been doing nerd stuff in the time I have. One thing I’m doing now is starting a game of Deathwatch, the Space Marine RPG from Fantasy Flight Games. I really wanted to have nice miniatures for my players to represent their characters in the game… and that means painting minis.

To get back into it, I decided to paint up an Inquisitor who will be an NPC in the game. Plus, when he’s not pulling NPC duty, he’s a great Inquisitor for use with my Grey Knights. While I figured this would just be a practice run, I’m happy with the finished product. Let’s check him out!

Inquisitor Primed!
Here he is after priming. His hat, as always, is casting his face in shadows. Foreboding, right?

First, I sprayed him over with good old-fashioned automobile primer. These spray primers are much cheaper than the ones you’ll find in a gaming store… and since I really like to start from a neutral color, rather than black or white, being able to use gray is strongly preferred. So far, they’ve worked out just fine.

Now, the real problem wasn’t painting – the real problem is that I still don’t have a macro box set up to take pictures of miniatures. These pictures, as a result, have awful lighting. You have my sincere apologies.

Bad Lighting Inquisitor
Yuck. I tried to light it with an LED, and man, this picture is gross. Unfortunately, I don't have time to take a better one right now.

Terrible picture, but you can still make out the color choices, the shading, and other detail work… it just looks awful in this picture, is all.

Power Sword!
A nice picture of the painting of the power sword. I'm not 100% satisfied with this, but it's my first attempt to do lighting effects on a power weapon. Not bad, all things considered.

I love the way power swords are painted nowadays – where once, everything was just metallic, now it’s all blazing energy or electrical lighting. So, I decided to go for that effect on the Inquisitor’s sword. I give myself a B-, but I think I know how to improve.

Reverse Angle on Inquisitor
Another terribly lit image, but you can still make out the important bits.

In the reverse angle, you can see the Inquisitor’s power pack and some of the highlighting on his clothing. I’m happy with that. His inferno pistol also looks a little better in this picture.

Close-up Inquisitor!
A closer look at the Inquisitor. For some reason, the lighting worked out alright this time.

Alright, it’s finally a good picture! Here, you can see finer details, like his glowing eye and matching cybernetic eye. I’m happy with the red trim on his coat and the graying locks of hair. I’m not completely satisfied with the face shading, because it doesn’t really pop like it should. I’m not going back in there with the brush, though, so it is what it is.

There you have it – I’m painting! Overall, this figure is too dark in shades, which hides a lot of his detail in normal lighting. I need to use bolder colors to contrast with the black coat and hat. Still, I’m excited – I don’t have much practice at painting, but my earliest work shows a lot of promise.

…I mean, if I do say so myself.