As Your Lawyer, I Advise You to Get WordPress

In a previous post from last year, I advised you (as a Dungeon or Game Master) to get a wiki. I still advise that if you’re making a homemade game world or otherwise need to pump a ton of information to your players in a searchable, easily linkable format. Wikis rule.

But recently, I started a Dark Sun campaign and I wanted it to be very deeply character and story-driven, with good roleplay elements and opportunities. I wanted players to really connect with their characters, and for their characters to develop actual personalities over time – not just “I like to kill evil and drink booze” type of things.

So my course of action was different this time. I decided, “Why not blog the game?” In fact, why not blog the game as an engaging narrative story?

For this, WordPress was perfect. It’s easy to set up (and in fact, I didn’t do the backend customization as I have for SaveVsBlog, just to show how easy it is). It has the capacity (now) for both blog entries and static pages (for PC and NPC descriptions). I’m hoping (time will tell) that the players will eventually want to write entries from their character’s perspective, or otherwise contribute – and WordPress lets me set that up with just a few clicks.

So, follow us now at The Light of a Dark Sun as five “renegades” in the Veiled Alliance attempt to rid Athas of defilers and usher in a new Green Age. As always, comments and questions are welcomed below!


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