New Look!

I’ve upgraded to a newer WordPress, which required some style overhauls so that I could use new features and such. If you notice any hiccups, please let me know. I am quite used to messing around in other people’s code, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t miss something.

Anyway, the new format lets me have a nice menu bar along the top for some permanent links (which I’ll be using for the Official Save vs. Blog Minecraft server) and has a fancy author bio at the bottom of posts, so… well, that’s something.

Behind as Usual!

As usual, I’ve fallen behind – minis are unpainted, D&D concepts are unwritten and untested, and, in general, Save vs Blog has been suffering. But I am endeavoring to catch up!

First, I have the concept for a D&D world I’d love to develop, planting all the information in a wiki so everyone can use it. The basic idea is “fantasy zombie apocalypse.” The world would have a plethora of mindless undead and a general feel of survival horror. The apocalypse would be recent, so we’re talking about a high fantasy world that has been utterly wrecked, but the wrecking started just 30 years ago. The population is perhaps 10% of what it was. This is a flourishing world reduced to rubble. As the PCs roam from town to town, they may find that old thriving capital city has had all of its citizens turned to zombies and skeletons. “Ruins” no longer need to be ancient, but rather could be quite recent. Anyway, I have some ideas in this vein, so I hope to name the world and start posting them here soon.

Second, as always, lots of painting and modeling to do.

Third is Minecraft. I’ve been running a Minecraft server for a few weeks, and this blog is an easy way to show folks what I’ve been doing, why the game is fun, and update users of the server as to what’s going on on the server itself. I have a possible long-term project of a Minecraft mod to basically make a Minecraft server into an RPG playing surface, especially for D&D. I have to check if my java skills are up to snuff on that one.

So, hopefully, more updates with possibly less entertainment value. What did you expect – Liberace?