Defile the Defiler, Part 2

Here’s a short progress update on my Brass Scorpion style Defiler conversion! I apologize for the blurry pictures – I wasn’t paying attention to quality when I was taking them.

So, my next step was to tear  it all apart. This may have been a mistake.

EXTREME Battle Damage

The legs on a Defiler don’t pose – they’re molded at that angle. (The front claws can be set at different angles.) Tearing them off the body left a lot of damage, and in the end, I stuck them back on in almost exactly the same way. I should have left the legs on. Usually I’m good at knowing what to keep and what to trash, but not this time!

Next, I cut the battle cannon behind the gun and fixed it to the front of the body:

I pinned the battle cannon to the body. Let me emphasize this – pinning is great. I’ll do an article on pinning sometime. Pinning not only gives you a nice gluing target, but it also helps prevent any shearing forces from breaking the bond. Force applied parallel to the seam, a shearing force, is the one that will pull your models apart most easily. Pinning is a pound of prevention, and way more fun than trying to glue finished, painted models back together.

So, then I put the model back together. This is when I realized taking the legs off was pointless.

Defiler Dumpty is all back together again.

The front claws did have to be reposed to make them parallel to the ground to make the whole thing more scorpion-esque. The front right claw was posed to touch the ground so it keeps the thing standing. Admittedly, the claws are not in an action pose, but I’m hoping to make the model more interesting in details than pose.

Rawr. Grr. Arrarr.

The two blue wires are covering up a hole I made in the front when I pulled him apart. The wires serve as a great detail item, especially in my vision for the finished product. I’m hoping for lots of gears and wires to make the thing look very malignantly mechanical. I’ll cover up the remaining flaws with green stuff to replicate daemonflesh.

More to come soon!

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