Defile the Defiler, Part 1

So… I bought a Chaos Defiler from ebay about two weeks ago. I wanted to make a scorpion-style Defiler (that could possibly double as a Brass Scorpion), but I didn’t want to do it from a fresh kit. If I’m going to kit-bash and cut up a model, I might as well do it to a cheap one from the internet.

I maybe got a little more than I bargained for.

The first step was to immerse the Defiler in the wonder of Simple Green. Simple Green is a cleaner that is usually sprayed onto car parts, bike parts, etc. It can degrease and strip off stains. And lots of folks know it’ll yank paint right off models without harming the plastic… well, acrylic paints.

Now, the Defiler I got from ebay is about the ugliest, most poorly-assembled model one could find. Not a big deal, I thought – it’ll be more of a challenge, and modelling challenges are the kind I most enjoy.

First, I left the Defiler in a Simple Green solution for two weeks:


I had to weigh down the lid because the Defiler is a floater. So, after two weeks, the results weren’t quite what I hoped:

Yikes. Whatever paint was used on this thing, it’s not responding to Simple Green. Well, I won’t let that stop me. Updates to come!

Note: In no way has this incident shaken my faith in Simple Green. It works! Just… not on whatever was used to paint this monstrosity.

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